If you would like to make a gift now to help our children, here are a couple of things to consider:
●  Giving appreciated stock directly to charity may be more beneficial for you than giving cash. If you have held the stock for one year or longer, you may be able to reduce or avoid  capital gains tax.* And, you may also be able to claim the value of the stock at the time of transfer, not what you paid for it, as the federal charitable deduction. Click below to download our stock transfer form.

●  If you are 72 or older, you can give funds from your Required Minimum Deduction from your IRA directly to charity, up to $100,000, and you may be able to avoid paying income tax on the withdrawal. Click below to download a sample letter, instructing your financial institution to roll funds from your IRA directly over to Operation Breakthrough.

You can set up future giving to help our children that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
●  Making Operation Breakthrough the beneficiary of your retirement account. The funds will transfer to charity tax-free. If you leave the account balance to living heirs, they may have to pay income tax on the funds.

●  Making Operation Breakthrough the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Simply ask your insurer for a “change of beneficiary” form.

●  Leaving Operation Breakthrough assets in your will. You can name a specific dollar amount or a specific item of property. Or you can name a percentage of the entire estate.

*The information listed here is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult a lawyer or tax advisor to find out how these ideas may apply to you.

Next steps: 
●  Consult your tax preparer, attorney or financial advisor before making a gift or bequest.

●  Contact Jennifer Heinemann at jenniferh@operationbreakthrough.org or 816-365-5059 with any questions or to talk about your wishes surrounding the gift.

●  If you do include our agency in your estate plan, please name Operation Breakthrough as follows:

                                Operation Breakthrough, Inc.
                                Federal Tax ID #43-0971560
                                3039 Troost Avenue
                                Kansas City MO 64109

We would love to know of your intention to include Operation Breakthrough in your estate plan. Please click below to download our Planned Gift Intention Form.

Completion of this form entitles you to membership in the Sisters Berta and Corita Bright Futures Fellowship. Bright Futures Fellows are leading supporters of Operation Breakthrough who have designated a planned gift to continue the legacy of Operation Breakthrough's co-founders, Sister Berta Sailer and Sister Corita Bussanmas. Membership in this group entitles you to special opportunities and recognition for your kindness. Recognizing Bright Futures Fellows by name enables Operation Breakthrough to encourage others to follow your lead. 

                        Thank you for sharing your success with our children. 
                         By planning for your future, you make theirs brighter! 

Planned Gift Intention Form


Sisters Berta and Corita Bright Futures Fellowship


Letter of Instruction for IRA Charitable Rollover 2023


Delivery Instructions for a gift of stock to Operation Breakthrough