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  • 70% of our families live on less than $12,000 annually..
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Operation Breakthrough cares each weekday for more than 400 children, ages 6 weeks to 13 years.

More than 87% of the enrolled families live below the federal poverty guidelines, most far below the guidelines.

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About 20% of the children are homeless or near homeless.

Many live in battered women's or homeless shelters or transitional living programs. Often they sleep on the sofas of friends or relatives, sometimes even living in cars, rundown hotels or abandoned buildings.

Hear It From the Children Themselves

Watch as kids tell their personal stories and describe how Operation Breakthrough has helped them overcome and succeed.

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What Do They Need?

There are several critical services no person should live without. Operation Breakthrough provides educational programs, healthcare, parent programs and emergency services to the children and families they serve. 

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Emergency Services

Operation Breakthrough provides groceries from it's food pantry, clothing, diapers, furniture, household supplies and utility assistance to families in need. With community support, the Center also meets families' seasonal needs for items such as school supplies and holiday gifts.