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Children’s Mercy Clinic

Providers, including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and mental health professionals, provide care in a full-service clinic operated by Children's Mercy Hospital.   Services offered include sick visits, well-child checkups and walk-in availability. While children at Operation Breakthrough get priority, appointments are available to members of the community. In addition, nursing staff complete daily rounds to the classrooms of all children enrolled at Operation Breakthrough. 

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Dental Clinic

Swope Health Kid's Care at Operation Breakthrough in partnership with Swope KidsCare, our children are provided cleanings and preventative care in our on-site dental clinic. 

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Speech and Occupational Therapy

Operation Breakthrough provides Speech and Occupational Therapy services for children with a team consisting of a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. There is also a partnership with Rockhurst University for these services. This collaboration also serves as a training site for graduate students.  Speech and Occupational therapy work as a team with teachers to provide preventative intervention as well as work with children showing delays in language, motor skills and/or sensory regulation to increase their skills and help them meet their milestones.

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Child Therapy

Licensed clinical and masters level therapists provide individual and family play therapy to children and their families who have experienced loss, traumatic events and changes in their family systems that impact healthy attachment to caregivers. Group therapy is also provided by child and music therapists within their classrooms. 

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USDA-Approved Meal Program

The children are served a hot breakfast and lunch and an afternoon snack each day. These meals are the main source of nutrition for many children.