The Ignition Lab

The Ignition Lab is a workforce development program where 100 students ages 14 to 18 spend time each week
getting real-world experience in fields ranging from culinary arts to automotive and engineering. 

The lab opened in Fall 2021 in an old muffler shop purchased for the project by Eighty-Seven and Running.

Graphic Design 3

Graphic Design

Students become proficient in the same programs that professional graphic artists use, creating logos, posters and marketing campaigns and learning to screen-print apparel with their designs. 



Students learn to design, build, and program robots to compete in challenges as well as how to solder, wire, and program microcontrollers to make a variety of devices such as lie detectors, keyboards, and electronic art. 

Green Tech Web

Green Tech

Green tech students grow hydroponic gardens, use solar cells to power toys and small appliances, measure and capture wind energy and study the environmental impact of fossil fuels vs. alternative energy. They also host a hydroponic farm.

Computer Repair 2

Computer Technology

Students learn to work with PCs for People learning to take apart and assemble PCs and laptops, diagnose problems and repair or replace parts.

Computer Repair 2
Fabrication Web


Students use a variety of tools such as the CNC Router, drill press, saws, and other manufacturing equipment to make furniture, art, prototypes and much more. 

3 D Printing

Product Design

Product design students use computer-aided design software for 2D and 3D modeling to use laser cutters and 3D printers. 

3 D Printing

Automotive Engineering

Automotive and engineering students work with MINDDRIVE to learn welding, build Electrathon cars and restore vintage cars by converting them to electric drive trains. 

Culinary Web

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts students learn the fundamentals of food preparation, sanitation and safety, then add business skills, such as menu creation, ingredient sourcing and marketing, to prepare to offer catering and operate a food truck.

Culinary Web
Podcasting Studio Web

Digital Media Recording and Podcasting Studio

Digital media students write and record podcasts, shoot and edit videos and compose and produce music, gaining the skills needed to create quality content for clients.

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