In 2018, Operation Breakthrough purchased a warehouse on the west side of Troost through a capital expansion project that included building a bridge from Berta's Place right over Troost. This added space for 300 additional children kindergarten through 8th grade. The MakerCity supports learners with different interests and abilities. Students tinker, explore, create and develop 21st century skills in science, math and engineering through applied technology and the arts, while building connections to social studies, language arts and other academic subjects along the way.

Studio Arts

Studio Arts

The art lab provides a variety of media and textures for children to use in exploring art and design through drawing, painting, pottery and other art forms. Students also create unique products by combining the seven art principles with math skills, such as measurement and angles while applying science skills, such as observation.

Studio Arts
Stem Lab

Smart Lab

This space provides programs to engage students in the application of technology like computer programming and coding to apply math and engineering. Students learn to build robots and program them for competitive missions. Our children explore coding, website design, circuitry, alternative energy, and mechanics and structures.

Maker Space


The MakerSpace Lab is a place where the students can explore gravity and aerodynamics, and design solutions to problems with recycled and found materials to find better ways to utilize resources. 

Maker Space
Fibers Arts

Fiber Arts

This lab provides children with the opportunity to experiment in fiber arts and textiles. They learn techniques such as quilting, weaving, knitting, recycling fabrics, and even incorporating paper (handmade and commercial).


Construction and Design

This lab includes hands-on, project-based learning activities with a range of real tools designed to introduce students to practical building projects across engineering, manufacturing and robotics, and digital creative design through prototyping, 3-D construction, printing, and construction modeling.

Samantha Launch Pad

Samantha's LaunchPad

A classroom designed with function and social skills in mind to prepare our new kindergartners' minds for critical thinking. 

Culinary 2

Culinary Arts

This teaching kitchen uses physical change, chemical reactions, measuring, and the latest equipment to create edible culinary art. Students learn everything from canning to sushi in this state of the art kitchen.

Culinary 2
Life Science 3

Life Science Lab

Students explore life with plants, invertebrates, and other animals, as well as preforming experiments with physical and earth science to test different hypotheses.

Digital Media 2

Digital Media Lab

This lab is designed to educate students on the fundamentals of audio and video recording/editing. With the resources provided by Operation Breakthrough, the lab features a green screen for filming and production, as well as a recording studio to create tracks and productions that will increase their knowledge of new-age media and develop and refine social skills such as collaboration, communication and presentation.

Digital Media 2
Yogo 3


Children from 4 years to teens come to our Yoga Studio every day. Yoga has shown to improve focus and concentration. Through mindful movement, students exercise self-control and body awareness. Awareness helps build self-regulation tools and opens up access to self-empowerment strength, and creates a sense of freedom. As children better know themselves and their body they can continue to build self-esteem and confidence.

Gym Small


The gym is the place for our children to learn competitive sports, daily planned activities or just having fun playing with friends during inclement weather.

Gym Small
Module Facility Dental Clinic 800X535

Dental Clinic

Swope Health Kid’s Care at Operation Breakthrough in partnership with Swope KidsCare, children at Operation Breakthrough are provided cleanings and preventative care in our on-site dental clinic. 



The School-Age Garden is a four-season growing space dedicated towards organic and no-till agricultural practices. Learning amenities include a high-tunnel greenhouse, rainwater catchment system, several raised beds and ground plots; and of course, the soil itself.  Youths may participate in designing garden plans, choose which plants to grow, as well as maintain and harvest them, building a more robust knowledge of healthy eating and pride in the humble work of farming. One core goal of the OB Garden is to inspire and empower youths to bring these lessons into their personal communities, inviting the green back to their neighborhoods.

Parent Resource

Parent Resources

Parents can come to Corita's place to work on job searching, accessing their emails, and the technology needed for faxing, scanning, and printing without a fee. This space also allows families to work in small groups and one on one with their family advocates including a morning coffee and parent cafe.  

When construction on Corita's Place was completed, we were able to make good use of the remaining space. Conference and training rooms, Emergency Service's Warehouse, Cultural and Diversity Lounge and a Book Repository. We are also able to accommodate great partners in Literacy KC and Pete's Garden. 

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