A new program helps families make their house a home

Operation Breakthrough families moving on from homelessness, house fires or other emergencies often spend
all their savings just to get into housing. Things they need to live in their homes, such as cookware or towels,
are not in their budgets. 

A new program – organized by volunteers - will provide the basics so families can make meals, bathe children
and clean their new spaces. Project Housewarming will provide each eligible family with an array of brand-new
household essentials, including:

      Pots and pans                          Dishes, glasses and silverware          Bakeware and mixing bowls
 Towels and wash cloths                          Shower curtains                             Bathroom rugs
       Trash Cans                                             Vacuum                              Broom, mop and bucket

You can help! Project Housewarming has a registry at Target, with items ranging from $2 to $65.
Anything you buy on the registry will be shipped directly to Operation Breakthrough.
Our social work team will deliver items to families that need them.


Thank you! 

Program Description

Learn more about how this program works.


Learn how you can help

Your group, club, employer or school can sponsor an individual family.