Third Party Event Policies and Procedures

General Statements

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Operation Breakthrough!  We are very grateful to those who support our work by helping us raise funds and other resources. 

Operation Breakthrough’s goal is to raise funds and receive donated items for the benefit of the children and families we serve in a manner consistent with our mission and values: The mission of Operation Breakthrough is to provide a safe, loving and educational environment for children in poverty and to empower their families through advocacy, emergency aid and education.  Our vision is that all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

The Third Party Event Policies and Procedures explain how Operation Breakthrough affiliates with fundraising and other activities, how our name and logo may be used, and how these activities may involve Operation Breakthrough employees, donors and the people we serve. 

Any questions and/or activity proposals should be directed to Helen Krause:

General Considerations

Operation Breakthrough affiliates with fundraising events and activities which are consistent with the Center’s mission and values. Outside event hosts and organizers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in planning and carrying out their activities. Operation Breakthrough is held free from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event. 

Operation Breakthrough may at any time withdraw the right to use the Center’s name for fundraising or other purposes if the event does not align with its mission.  

Because of the Center’s 501(c)(3) status, Operation Breakthrough is unable to approve a third party event if it promotes a political party, candidate or potential candidate.

Operation Breakthrough requests activity proposals be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the event when possible. Please download and complete the "Third Party Events Proposal" available below. Third parties hosting donation drives can check with the Center to learn about the most needed items. 

Proposals are reviewed by a panel of staff and, at times, members of Operation Breakthrough’s board of directors.

If Operation Breakthrough withdraws from a third party event or fundraiser because it does not align with the Center’s mission, the event and all such activities and use of Operation Breakthrough’s logo shall stop and discontinue.  The Center will not be held liable in connection with any such action.

Communication Guidelines

Operation Breakthrough is a beneficiary, not a sponsor, of a third party event or fundraiser.  

Operation Breakthrough is happy to provide a copy of its logo for approved events and additional information about the Center’s history and goals. 

All promotional materials and/or advertisements with the Center’s logo must be approved in writing. 

Permission to use the Center’s identity is a temporary license and ends with the activity, unless Operation Breakthrough agrees in writing to other terms. 

All promotional materials should clearly state that the event is sponsored by the third party with proceeds benefiting Operation Breakthrough. 

Operation Breakthrough must be advised of any changes to event promotions throughout the duration of the event timeline as indicated on the application.

Involvement of Operation Breakthrough's Staff and Volunteers

In deciding to affiliate with a third party activity or event, Operation Breakthrough considers whether it can meet your expectations for the Center’s involvement and if the time and resources needed are proportional to the potential positive impact of the event on Operation Breakthrough and the children and families it serves. 

Organizers will provide expectations of Operation Breakthrough in planning, publicizing, attending and otherwise working on the proposed event or activity. 

Operation Breakthrough is happy to provide advice on the event/program but should not be involved in organizing or supervising the event.

Privacy Considerations

Under no circumstances does Operation Breakthrough provide its mailing list or any portion of it to anyone outside the organization nor should event organizers expect Operation Breakthrough to solicit its existing sponsors or other donors to support third party activities.

Any involvement of the Center’s children and families, employees, stories, identities or images are arranged by Operation Breakthrough staff.  Any participation must be tasteful, respectful to the individual, and not exploitative as determined by Operation Breakthrough and the participants.

Individual compensation is not allowed for appearing in fundraising or other efforts which benefit Operation Breakthrough.

Operation Breakthrough may, after consideration of the factors set out in this document and at its sole discretion, provide notice of an event or fundraiser to its supporters, through selective use of its mailing list, social media, or other forms of communication.

Financial Guidelines

Operation Breakthrough accepts funding solely for purposes consistent with its mission and which are not unduly burdensome or restrictive on use of funds.

All expenses are the responsibility of third party organizers and must be paid before net proceeds are distributed to Operation Breakthrough.

Operation Breakthrough cannot extend its tax exemption to third party event organizers. It will, however, provide a verification letter confirming an organizer’s intent to raise funds for the Center.

If you plan to solicit contributions, sponsorship, or in-kind gifts from businesses, individuals or organizations, a complete list must be submitted to and reviewed by the Development Department prior to the solicitation. Please remember that many individuals, organizations and businesses already support Operation Breakthrough in other ways and may not wish to make additional donations.

All donations and event proceeds are to be delivered or mailed to Operation Breakthrough no later than 60 days after the fundraiser.

Third Party Events Proposal

Download and complete the proposal form and submit to