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Operation Breakthrough's MakerSpace promotes personalized learning through the use of real materials to tinker, problem solve, collaborate and create. Over 300 children have the opportunity to engage with the MakerSpace's six different zones each week. The six zones include textiles, construction/toy hacking, studio arts, chef's corner, the green screen and code world/robotics. These areas provide a creative outlet as well as opportunities to practice problem solving. 

Module Facility Reading Room 800X535

Two Sisters Park

Located next to the Parent Resource Center, this colorful park looking area has book cases filled with donated books. Teachers bring their classes to this fun area to read books and then encourage them to pick a book to take home. We also encourage children who are coming through the area after school, to feel free to take books for home.

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Food Pantry

There are many items that can't be purchased with food stamps. The food pantry at Operation Breakthrough helps keep children from going hungry at night and on weekends, when they are not at Operation Breakthrough, by providing groceries to their families.

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Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center is located outside of our food pantry. Once a week, adult clothing, shoes, household items and miscellaneous donations are displayed for our parents to take. 

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The SmartLab features fully integrated systems of hardware, software, furnishings, online curriculum, educational kits, manipulatives and assessment tools. These systems allow kids to engage with a wide range of activities like robotics, electronics or even graphic arts.

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There are six pre-school neighborhoods at Operation Breakthrough, (Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red). 

Module Facility Therapy 800X535


Licensed clinical therapists provide individual and group play therapy to children who have experienced loss, abuse, witnessed violence or other traumatic events in their homes or neighborhoods. The department also has a full time music therapist who provides classroom, group and individual interventions.

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Children's Mercy Clinic

A Pediatrician, Nurse Practitioner and other health care professionals diagnose and treat children, perform well-child checkups and screenings and offer health education for parents in an on-site clinic, operated by Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms are the perfect way for children to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while still learning.

Module Programs Outdoor Classroom 800X535
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Operation Breakthrough has 5 playgrounds for all of the children at Operation Breakthrough. Every day, weather permitting, the children ride trikes, slide, climb – getting lots of exercise they need. Our older children have a basketball court on their playground.