Learning Life Lessons Through Robotics

Melea With Burns Roboticss

All eyes on are on a small robot, driving around the challenge table.  The robot has to move directly between two towers, which is easier said than done.  If the coding is slightly off and the robot spins too far during the turn, the mission isn’t a success.   But the robot breezes through the towers and everyone surrounding the table...Continue reading 

I See Bright Futures

2019 Graduating Class

“They are ready!” Operation Breakthrough is sending 102 pre-schoolers off to kindergarten!  2019 is OB’s largest pre-K graduation class and a very special class.  “This class is the last class to come into Operation Breakthrough when Sister Berta was still here leading us, it was the year that she retired, so all of the children here got a chance to see...Continue reading 

The Other Sisters Behind OB

Flanagan Sisters  Web

Lesa, Loure and Eriana Flanagan walk through the halls of Operation Breakthrough reminiscing all the memories the walls hold for their family. Continue reading