KMBZ Ignition Lab School Supply Drive

This fall, nearly 300 Kansas City teens will spend time each week in
Operation Breakthrough's Ignition Lab, a workforce development program where high school students learn skills ranging from graphic design, to welding, to culinary arts, to computer-aided design. Some will come to The Ignition Lab as part of their coursework at Hogan Prep and DeLaSalle high schools. Others will come after class from a dozen or more different public high schools. 

Many could use a little help getting ready to go back to school. 

Your donation will give teens the tools they need to succeed!
For example: 

* $5 can provide a pack of mechanical pencils or highlighters

* $10 can provide two reams of copy paper

* $15 can provide a hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant) 

* $20 can provide a clear backpack (required by some schools) 

* $25 can provide a scientific calculator

* $50 can provide a school uniform (pants, shirt, socks and underwear) 

Would you like to visit The Ignition Lab? Or talk to us about other ways to engage with our Ignition Lab students? Please contact Jennifer Heinemann at 816-365-5059 or at