Missouri Tax Credits Can Give You 50% Back!

If you donate to Operation Breakthrough and have Missouri tax liability, you may receive a reduction in your Missouri state taxes equal to 50% of your gift through the Missouri Youth Opportunities Program (YOP). YOP credits are now available for eligible gifts received before April 1, 2020. Contributions to Operation Breakthrough's YOP program provide educational opportunities for school-age children. 

Who qualifies?
  Individuals and corporations with Missouri tax liability

How does it work?
  You give Operation Breakthrough $1,000 or more. Your can give with check, credit card or stock. You receive a credit on your Missouri taxes equal to half your contribution, in addition to the standard state and federal deduction. (Please consult your tax advisor about your specific situation.) 

How do donors claim the credits?
   You complete and return a notarized copy of the downloadable form below, with required documentation, to Operation Breakthrough. We submit the application to the state. The state mails you back a certification letter you can submit with your tax return,  to claim your credit. 

Does the full amount of the credit have to be claimed in one year?
   You can carry forward part or all of your credit for as many as five years. 

Missouri YOP credit details

Click here for a flyer with more details about Missouri YOP credits


YOP Application

Click here for the application form for Missouri YOP credits