The bridge is up!

Thank you for our new bridge!

The nuns wouldn't budge. They sat just inside the safety barriers in the middle of Troost for several hours Saturday night, waiting to see our pedestrian bridge rise. As midnight approached and some guests headed home, we promised Sister Berta and Sister Corita we would bring them back the next morning to see the bridge installed in all its glory. Nope. They wanted to see Operation Breakthrough bridge Troost live and in person. And they did! At 11:42 p.m., JE Dunn's crew raised the 4-ton, 80-foot bridge up with two cranes and gently placed it on its supports, with 4 inches of clearance on either side. The DJ cranked "Celebration," and with tears in her eyes Sister Corita said, "Isn't that marvelous?" Sister Berta said the whole evening felt "like a dream." The crowd - a magical mixture of enrolled families, current and former staff, neighbors and supporters - whooped and clapped. Earlier in the evening, the Bridge Watchers enjoyed popcorn, ice cream and remarks from CEO Mary Esselman, Alvin Brooks and city council members Jermaine Reed and Quinton Lucas, who spoke of the bridge as a symbol of unity and opportunity. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of so many, the bridge is the crowning achievement in a year-long expansion project, which will give us space to serve 290 more children and keep all our children enrolled to age 14. Next up: The ribbon cutting! Please mark your calendars for Aug. 8.