Birthday Club

OB parents love to celebrate their children's birthdays. Gifts are an added expense that can be a challenge for our families who operate on an average annual income of less than $12,000. 

You can help by joining our Birthday Club and donating a gift during YOUR birthday month!

Gifts for all ages are needed -- Infant - 18 years.

Any gift you provide will be wonderful. Here is a sample of the inexpensive gifts they would like:
Baby toys
Baby dolls
Blocks - 0 - 4 yrs.
Shape sorter
Action figures
Barbie and baby dolls
Lego sets
Board games
Art supplies/craft kits
Play dishes & food
LED lights
Stem kits
Bath & body
Sports bags
Sports balls
Hair accessories
Water bottles/tumblers

For more info please contact:
Lis Schumacher at