Travis Kelce speaks about our Ignition Lab with Fox Sports

Check out the story by Fox Sports on Travis Kelce's partnership with Operation Breakthrough and our upcoming Ignition Lab, powered by his foundation Eighty-Seven & Running.

To view the Fox Sports Voices Story click here!

In the interview, Kelce speaks about his passion for the students of Operation Breakthrough and excitement with what the future holds, "the moment I walked in the door, I knew that the place was be able to give these kids a safe haven and something positive to do towards their goals in life...I think this Ignition Lab will do just that."

He further discussed the project, "the Ignition Lab itself is an extension of Operation is going to be something for high school kids to really explore the STEM Lab programs that are at Operation Breakthrough...I'm just trying to give these kids confidence and the ability to grab something that they wouldn't have otherwise and really run with it."

Click here to read more about the Ignition Lab on our website.