The Magic of Music

It does not matter who you are, you probably like some kind of music. Music is an inclusive and wonderful thing. Everyone can enjoy music. When I got this new class of three year olds, I had one student who was very shy and cried all day long. I had no idea how to work with this student because everything we tried made her burst into tears.

One day I noticed during our music and movement time she was dancing and singing along with the video and the other students and that's when I began thinking, "Music really brings a smile to that student's face. I should look into implementing a structured music time into our schedule".

I decided to begin researching more about the benefits of music education in the early childhood classroom. I learned how music can help a child's growing brain in multiple areas: mathematics, phonological awareness, thinking skills, fine motor skills, behaviors, and the list goes on. I learned that if music education can begin before the age of seven, the benefits are even greater. It was a no brainer: I needed to get music into my room and I needed instruments to do that. 

That's where Teach for America's Shark Tank: Teacher Edition came in. I am part of Teach for America, a program that places teachers around the country to help fight the inequity in education. Teach for America believes that one day all students will receive a quality education regardless of their zip code. I believe that my students deserve to experience music education and the benefits that come with it, so I applied to be in Shark Tank: Teacher Edition. I pitched my idea of bringing music into the early childhood classroom and why it was so important and was awarded $2000. 

We were donated a cello and have already had a cellist come in and explain how that works. We are hoping to take field trips to the jazz museum and the symphony. And we have many new instruments heading our way!   

I am incredibly thankful and excited to bring more music into the lives of my students. 

Below are two different videos, one with the Teach for America Shark Tank Highlights, and also the video that I submitted about my classroom at Operation Breakthrough! Enjoy!