Thanks to Happy Bottoms, OB Families Can Focus on Other Basics

My name is Cakelia. I am the proud mom of five children, ages 16, 10, 6, and 3-year-old twins. I work full time as an in-home health provider, and when it comes to running my household, I am the sole provider, with a little help from my mom. Just when I thought I had the hang of being a working parent, I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with a fourth child. No problem—I have figured it out before!

Imagine my surprise when after delivering my fourth child, when my fifth was right behind him. Twins! It turns out I had a lot to learn about caring for two infants at once. My children were spaced out enough that I never had to worry about needing two of anything, let alone diapering two at once! From the time they entered Operation Breakthrough, Jayceon and Jayshaun have been able to receive Happy Bottoms diapers all day in their classrooms, and it has been an enormous relief to me. It would cost almost $250 a month to diaper the twins. I am working each day to ensure my children are healthy, happy and successful, so the relief of receiving diapers is huge and allows me to focus on paying for other things we need, like food, utility bills, school supplies and more.

Jayceon and Jayshaun are two lively little boys. They both love to climb and explore and play with their siblings. I hope that their bond with each other, and their bond with their other brothers and sisters will give them a good foundation. They certainly have the spirit to achieve that, and I am constantly surprised to hear how big their minds are. Jayceon told me the other day that he was “extremely tired” after his busy day. I’m always so surprised by their growing vocabulary and adventurous attitudes. All my children love to swim, and Jayshaun even thinks he is Aquaman. I am so glad I can enjoy their favorite activities with them.