Sisters in the Time of Pandemic

     In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Sister Berta got a lot of compliments on her Chiefs gear. Her deadpan response? “If they lose, I’m going to have to change my clothes.”

     Now, almost two months out from the big game, there’s still an arrowhead on her slippers, her sweatshirt, her pants. Even her fingernails are Chiefs red.

     Can you blame her for reveling in the past? The present is not nearly as fun. The days are long with no visitors, no NBA and no Royals on TV. Sister Corita got so desperate to see her boys in blue the other night she watched a rerun of the infamous “Pine Tar Game” from July 24, 1983. She got defensive on George Brett’s behalf all over again. 

     The nuns are hangin’ tough in the face of the pandemic, turning to Oreos and the Game Show Network for entertainment. Both are in good physical health, and they have a care team full of Mama Bears who are working around the clock to keep them well. Caregivers are taking their own temperature as they arrive for each shift and using extra care with hand washing, surface sanitizing, etc. The nuns’ children have elected to visit them only virtually, via FaceTime, to make sure they are not putting the sisters at risk. The nuns seem oblivious to all the fuss. Having worked with children for 50 years, they are not overly concerned about germs.    

    What can you do to help Sisters Berta and Corita weather the crisis? 

--Send them a card. You can address it to them in c/o Operation Breakthrough, PO Box 412482, Kansas City MO 64141.

--Drop us a line about your memories of the sisters or tell us what you love about them. We’ll read your note to them, and it will be guaranteed to make them smile. You can send your message by clicking here: https://operationbreakthrough....

--Send their daughter, Kenyauta, a small gift at the above PO Box. Kenyauta is home with the sisters all day now because her school is closed. (She’s 26 and does not walk or talk.) Like all mothers, the nuns love to see their child happy. Yauti enjoys balls, board books and anything that lights up. 

--Repeat in a week or two, if you can. We need to keep Sisters Berta and Corita upbeat – at least until the Chiefs go to training camp!