Live Like Luke

Live Like Luke is an organization in memory of Luke Bresette with a mission to put smiles on as many children’s faces as possible. Luke was a young boy with a huge heart and a passion for sports. Through the organization’s Enrichment Program, Operation Breakthrough was able to provide 8-weeks of swimming lessons to our school-age children! Watching the smiles on our kids’ faces as they began to learn to swim on their own was amazing.

One of my favorite stories that surfaced from the 8-weeks of swimming lessons was from Kaden who learned to “Live Like Luke” by overcoming his fear of the water. I spoke with Kaden about his experience. Here’s the story in his words:

I’m Kaden. I’m 6 and I will be in first grade after summer. I used to be scared of swimming. I would look at the water and I did not ever want to get in there.

We went with Operation Breakthrough and I felt scared when I took the swimming lessons when I saw the pool. My heart was beating fast like so fast. When I got close to the pool I felt scared and did not go in.

After that time of lessons I still was scared then the next time I got over my fears and then that’s when I started going into the water. The swimming teachers, they taught me how to blow bubbles just a little bit under the water first and I was good at that so that’s when I tried again. They taught me to do the starfish and I liked that a lot.

Then after that, I just kept wanting it to be swimming lessons every single day. I’m really good at it. At the last lesson I even went to the kid pool all by myself. It makes me feel proud inside that I got to learn how to swim this summer and get over my fears.