"Historic gift" will help carry Operation Breakthrough into the future

Operation Breakthrough Announces Planned $500,000 Endowment Gift

Kansas City, MO - Today, Operation Breakthrough Inc., a nonprofit organization in Kansas City, which provides a safe, loving and educational environment for children in poverty and empowers their families through advocacy, financial assistance and education, announced a planned, combined gift of $500,000 from The Planned Approach, Inc. ("The Planned Approach") and Buckingham Strategic Wealth, LLC ("Buckingham"), a partner firm of Focus Financial Partners Inc. ("Focus") to the Sisters Berta and Corita Bright Futures Fund. As Operation Breakthrough celebrates its 50th Anniversary of serving children and families in Kansas City, this endowment gift will help ensure the next 50 years are on solid financial ground. 

"This gift is a true testament to the dedication of Sisters Berta and Corita, and to the work of Operation Breakthrough," said Mary Esselman, CEO of Operation Breakthrough. "We are grateful to The Planned Approach, Stephanie and Kelly for their years of support and growing their dedication through this historic gift.  We also want to express our appreciation to Buckingham and Focus for their generosity."

"We have been passionate supporters of Operation Breakthrough since our firm's inception" said Stephanie Guerin, Co-Founder of The Planned Approach. "Ensuring the sustainability of Operation Breakthrough has been a personal passion of ours, and we believe this donation is one of the best investments we can make in our community. Operation Breakthrough is in the heart of our city. If they are doing well, it impacts our economy by creating a phenomenal workforce, an enhanced sense of security by reducing crime. They also stimulate our environment and arts community through their emphasis on STEM learning. There are few places a person can give $1 to and know it can make such a big impact in so many core areas all at once."  

"Sisters Berta and Corita had an amazing vision 50 years ago when they began Operation Breakthrough.  Our company has agreed to join forces with Buckingham, also based in the state of Missouri, and together we are excited to build on our support for this powerful organization and build our business as part of Buckingham" noted Kelly Hokanson, Co-Founder of The Planned Approach. "We hope this gift sparks action, and that others will reinforce Operation Breakthrough’s worthy mission by supporting their 2021 annual giving campaign, which kicks off next month."

Guerin added, "And the best part is that we are just getting started."

"We very much hope that over the next ten years we can inspire others to help us build this endowment to over $20 million dollars," emphasized Hokanson. "Even the smallest contribution can make the biggest difference."

"Identifying your values, thinking ahead, and following your plans can allow anyone to make the world a better place for generations to come," stated Guerin. "We hope many people will join us to help us make this endowment a huge long-term success.”

Operation Breakthrough begins its annual giving campaign in early November 2021 to raise funds for the services they will provide to the 400 families and 700 children that currently utilize the center. To learn more about Operation Breakthrough and provide support to the children and families of Kansas City, visit www.OperationBreakthrough.org.

Buckingham announced on September 21,2021 that The Planned Approach., a registered investment adviser in Kansas City, Missouri, has entered into an agreement to join Buckingham. The $500,000 donation referenced above will be made upon closing of this transaction, which  is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021, subject to customary closing conditions.