Lessons from a Queen

“I’ve lived my life. I’ve loved my family. And I was kind to others.” –Queen Esther Saunders

Several weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a funeral service, celebrating the 93 year long life of a beautiful woman named Queen. Now anyone with a name like Queen is surely destined for greatness, but “Grandma Queen,” was in a league of her own. 
At Operation Breakthrough, we partner with Foster Grandparents, a program providing senior men and women the opportunity to interact with children at local children’s non-profits. Through this program, from 2013-2014, my classroom at Operation Breakthrough was connected to Grandma Queen.
At 90 years old, she would arrive and the room would light up. My co-teacher Miss Jessica and I would sit with her during our lunch breaks and hear stories from her life. She never gave up on trying to get us to join her at the Casino in Topeka, Kansas and never ever lost her sparkle. Watching her read one-on-one to the children, be the first to grab the broom when there was a spill, and come to our class ready to help out wherever needed at 90 years old continues to encourage me every day. 
The breakthrough for this week came as I sat next to Miss Jessica at Grandma Queen’s service. I looked around and saw all types of people, from her family to those at Operation Breakthrough to her beautician. It was apparent that she had left a deep impression on each person she met. Even into her 90’s she was still serving others. As Grandma Queen embodied through her life, we are never too young or too old to show kindness to others – a breakthrough we can all learn from.