Bridge to a Brighter Future Building Update!

JE Dunn Construction has been busy at 31st & Troost building our "Bridge to a Brighter Future"! Renovations of the Jones Store directly across the street from our current building are well underway! The interior has been framed and the drywall is up! We are now able to visualize the future homes of our Test Kitchen, STEM Lab, Life Sciences Lab, Arts Studio, Robotics Zone, and beyond. The actual bridge across Troost is scheduled to be installed in late June! 

A few weeks ago we took a few of our children on a tour and afterwards we asked them what they’re most excited about – you will find their responses below!

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“The GYM!!!! It will give me the opportunity to connect with more of the children who come here!” –Michyla, 17-year-old OB Alum and Volunteer

“I like the bridge because it will be cool to walk across it over the cars. My dad is a DJ and I like music too so it will be amazing to learn about how to make music over there.” –Kaden, 7-year-old School Age Student

“I want to be an artist when I get older, so I am excited for the Arts Studio.” –Shanarea, 8-year-old School Age Student

“I can’t wait to see what the brand new classrooms will look like. I will want to spend a lot of time there.” –MiKyiah, 13-year-old School Age Student

“I’m excited about the gym because we will be able to play sports all year long not just when it’s nice outside. Sports are fun and I like to be active.” – Tyre, 10-year-old School Age Student

“I’m most excited about the bridge because we will be protected from traffic and weather when we go over to the new building.” –Loren, 15-year-old OB Alum and Volunteer

“It’s going to be a place with big imagination. That’s what I’m excited for. I like to create things.” – ShiKiya, 8-year-old School Age Student