Breakthrough's in STEM

The SmartLab has broken through barriers in some exciting ways this summer!  We spent this summer exploring what Circuits were and how they function practically, how to make robots to complete Mars Missions, and a variety of other STEM projects.  One of my favorite projects created this summer was a vacuum cleaner made out of recyclable materials.  My student was able to take a coke bottle, Pringles can, wires, motor and battery to create their own DIY vacuum cleaner. 

We have been preparing our kids in the off-season of robotics so that they can hone in on their design and programming skills of the EV3 Lego Robot.  They were given the task of designing, building, and programming a robot for 11 different hypothetical mars missions on our robotics mission table.  We had so much fun this summer dreaming up projects and making them come to life.