Angels with Angles

A new book Angels with Angles: The Rogue Nuns behind Operation Breakthrough written by Loring Leifer is now on sale. All sales of the book go directly to Operation Breakthrough.

A deadly fire brought Sister Berta Sailer and Sister Corita Bussanmas together and knocked them forever off their course. Angels with Angles is the true story of their transformation from quiet convent dwellers to can-do reformers who founded and ran an inner-city childcare center that has become one of the largest and most respected of its kind in the country.

Forty-five years later, Operation Breakthrough is an early learning center that serves more than 400 children and their families every day. Angels with Angles reveals just how far these rogue nuns went to nurture this warm and welcoming haven that has given three generations of children born into poverty the chance for a brighter tomorrow.

If you would like to have a copy, please email