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one step forward

Sister Berta got to enjoy 11 days in her new house before going back to St. Luke's Feb. 10 by ambulance with an intestinal infection. I can't help but think of the mothers Sister Berta champions as I write. So often Sister Berta speaks of them working hard and making progress only to get unfairly shoved backward by adversity. One step forward, and two steps back. After two weeks in the hospital, Sister Berta is now back in a rehab facility, her body weakened from fighting the infection. She asked me yesterday, "Do you remember when I was well?" She doesn't understand why she can't stand or walk. Rehab is the last place she ever wanted to go again. There is good news, though. Her room is a 2-minute walk from her house. That means Hershey, the labrador, visits nightly. And Sister Berta is spending many hours a day at home with Sister Corita and their daughter, Kenyauta. She likes her therapist, whom she refers to as "the 12-year-old." (That means he is under 35.) She enjoys visitors even though she is tired of hearing us tell her she needs to eat if she wants to get her strength back. We've learned that she likes to be sung to! And that she might actually sing along! We're trying to schedule her visitors - musical ability optional - so she has someone with her most of her waking hours. If you would like to get on the schedule, please contact me at With the support of her many friends, Sister Berta hopes to be moving forward again very soon. 

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